AIRism Bedsheets and Pillow Cases at Uniqlo

AIRism Bedsheets and Pillow Cases

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AIRism is a comfortable conditioning technology material made of smart breathable base layers that release heat and wick away moisture to regulate temperatures and maintain comfort. AIRism Bedding is made with the same material that's been adapted to be suitable for bedding. The characteristic qualities of AIRism, such as its smooth feel and moisture releasing properties help to ensure a relaxing and comfortable rest. The AIRism Bedding helps to prevent stickiness due to material's quick-drying and moisture absorbing qualities. The moisture releasing properties also alleviates humidity under duvers and comforters maintaining a smooth and silky feel.

The AIRism Bedding Bed Sheet ranges from twin-size to king-size and is offered in four varietal colors: White, Grey, Dark Brown, and Light Blue. The AIRism Pillow Cover ranges from Standard-size to King-size in the four colors. 

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