Ala Moana Center, A Dog-Friendly Mall

Ala Moana Center Pet Policy

At Ala Moana Center, we welcome your well-behaved, four-legged friends to our dog-friendly stores, public spaces and common areas.

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  • Dogs must be on-leash or in a pet carrier
  • Dogs must be under their owner’s supervision and control
  • Dogs displaying aggressive, disruptive or destructive behavior are not permitted
  • Owners must immediately clean up after their dogs
  • Dogs must display required tags and be up to date on shots
  • Dogs are not permitted in the food court, water fountains, children play areas, on mall furniture or in restaurants/stores that do not permit them
  • Dogs shall not ride on escalators. Owners must carry them or use an elevator

Ala Moana Center is privately owned and dogs in violation may be asked to leave. Service Animals as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and service animals in training are welcome at Ala Moana Center. Service Animals are not subject to any rule or policy that is inconsistent with the ADA or applicable state law. For additional assistance, please contact Security at 808.942.2944.