Kailua Crystals

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About Kailua Crystals

Kailua Crystals is committed to bringing Hawaii a variety of the world's most wonderful crystals and stones for your pleasure, enjoyment, and overall wellness. We are here to draw truth seekers into our space, equip them with tools to increase their self-awareness and consciousness, and make a lasting impact on their spiritual journey.  All are welcome and accepted, just as they are.  We are all students and teachers.  We strive to hold a space where our clientele can feel comfortable asking questions about crystal energy, herbs, metaphysics and the like.  Most importantly, we are here in service to humanity.  It is our goal to support your journey as you begin feeling your connection to Earth more deeply and we will continue to hold space for you with authentic love and joy. Let our crystals call to you, ease you into your healing if that's what you choose, and remind you that you are a limitless, amazing, and abundant being.