Surfers Bakery

Location icon Street Level 1, in the Ewa Wing
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About Surfers Bakery

Wai Surf, LLC dba Surfers Bakery is incorporated in the state of Hawaii and is launching a food service brand. Wai Surf, LLC opens its first project; bakery café & gift shop, Surfers Bakery, specialized in offering fresh bread, gift set cookies and specialty shaved ice with a special recipe of South Korea’s 7thConfectionery Master. Surfers Bakery expects to catch the interest of a local customer and foreign tourists with its broad variety of Korean style freshly baked products. We share our love for a locality and surfers around the area. Our brand purses a vintage and surf concept based on Hawaii’s Aloha vibes- Special aloha vibes like kindness, harmony, joy, humility, patience, and mutual respect. ALOHA!