Playful Projects

playful projects

Discover crafts the whole family can enjoy! Take advantage of some quality crafting time with the kiddos by exploring new and exciting activities brought to you by a few of our favorite artists.

Origami with Jenny Chann

New York-based artist and teacher Jenny Chan has been folding origami since she was young! Enjoy three step-by-step videos on how to create these cute designs.

Graduation Cap

Flowers with Natasha Platt

Muralist Natasha Platt is known for her gorgeous floral creations. Perfect your craft with these three flower tutorials.

Lenton Rose
Anemone Flower

Chalk Art with Nate Baranowski

3D expert Nate Baranowski creates head-turning visuals across various mediums. Explore his tips and tricks on how to make your sidewalk stand out. 

Hole in Ground
3D Hopscotch

Doodling with Rob Anderson

Artist Rob Anderson leads a three-part step-by-step video series showcasing how to doodle on various objects found around your home!

Flower Pot

Lettering with Cyn Santos

Lettering guru Cyn Santos creates a fun video series teaching the ins and outs of three popular lettering styles. 

Beveled Letters
Script Letters
3D Drop Shadow