Daily Hula Show and Special Performances

Ala Moana Center offers over 800 performances and events each year to give guests a taste of Hawai‘i’s diverse cultural traditions. For decades, Centerstage and ‘Ewa Wing Stage have been a platform for entertainers from Hawai’i and throughout the world who travel to Honolulu to perform at Ala Moana Center.

Hula Dancer

Daily Hula Show

Join us for a free 20-minute production featuring both kahiko (traditional) and ʻauana (modern) hula at 5 p.m. daily on Centerstage. The Centerstage Hula Show takes guests on a journey through Hawai‘i, celebrating the music and dances of our islands and honoring wahi pana (sacred places), ali‘i (chiefs/chiefesses and royalty), and akua (gods/goddesses).

5pm Daily on Centerstage*


Pau Hana Music Series

Enjoy the music of Hawaiʻi Singers and Songwriters

The Pau Hana Music Series at Ala Moana Center features a diverse range of musical genres, including island, pop, R&B, reggae, rock, soul, and of course, Hawaiian.

5:30 to 6:30pm Daily on ʻEwa Wing Stage

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Hula Dancers

Keiki Hula Show

Every Sunday, enjoy the Keiki Hula Show at 1 p.m. on Centerstage for a demonstration of how the tradition of hula is perpetuated through Hawai‘i’s children.

1pm Sundays on Centerstage*

If you’re interested in performing at Centerstage or Ewa Wing Stage at Ala Moana Center, please complete our Performance Application

Upcoming Performances

111th Army Band's "Drive On"

Variety of pop and brass band arrangements

1 - 1:45pm on Tuesday, July 9 @ Centerstage

The Maryland State Boy Choir

30 choristers ages 12-22 performing a variety of choral pieces

3 - 3:45pm on Tuesday, July 9 @ Centerstage

Honolulu Wind Ensemble

Summer Concert

7 - 7:45pm on Tuesday, July 9 @ Centerstage

*Performance schedules may change due to weather or other Center activations without notice.