Daily Hula Show and Special Performances

Ala Moana Center offers over 800 performances and events each year to give guests a taste of Hawai‘i’s diverse cultural traditions. For decades, Centerstage and ‘Ewa Wing Stage have been a platform for entertainers from Hawai’i and throughout the world who travel to Honolulu to perform at Ala Moana Center.

Hula Dancer

Daily Hula Show

Join us for a free 20-minute production featuring both kahiko (traditional) and ʻauana (modern) hula at 5 p.m. daily on Centerstage. The Centerstage Hula Show takes guests on a journey through Hawai‘i, celebrating the music and dances of our islands and honoring wahi pana (sacred places), ali‘i (chiefs/chiefesses and royalty), and akua (gods/goddesses).

5pm Daily on Centerstage*


Pau Hana Music Series

Enjoy the music of Hawaiʻi Singers and Songwriters

The Pau Hana Music Series at Ala Moana Center features a diverse range of musical genres, including island, pop, R&B, reggae, rock, soul, and of course, Hawaiian.

5:30 to 6:30pm Daily on ʻEwa Wing Stage

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Hula Dancers

Keiki Hula Show

Every Sunday, enjoy the Keiki Hula Show at 1 p.m. on Centerstage for a demonstration of how the tradition of hula is perpetuated through Hawai‘i’s children.

1pm Sundays on Centerstage*

If you’re interested in performing at Centerstage or Ewa Wing Stage at Ala Moana Center, please complete our Performance Application

Upcoming Performances

Royal Hawaiian Band

Royal Hawaiian Band in Concert

11 - 11:45am on Wednesday, June 12 @ Centerstage

Department of Defense Swearing-in Ceremony

In celebration of the U.S. Army’s birthday, there will be a mass swearing-in ceremony, where new recruits will take the oath of enlistment marking the beginning of their military journey

11 - 11:45am on Friday, June 14 @ Centerstage

Baila Baila

Traditional Mexican Folk Dances

11 - 11:45am on Saturday, June 15 @ Centerstage

Anela Hula Club

Hula Performance

1 - 1:45pm on Saturday, June 15 @ Centerstage

Honor Choir USA

Choral Performance

3 -3:45pm on Sunday, June 16 @ Centerstage

*Performance schedules may change due to weather or other Center activations without notice.